1970 500 Twin - T100C

A scary 1970 Trophy 500 - T100C - My project Bike - about to begin!

As I first saw it online in a web ad ...

First real vision after a 500 mile drive to New Hampshire

July 12: Loaded up and read to haul it home .. a bike and boxes!

July 13: Next day after degunking and a scrubdown

July 19: After a rattlecan paintjob and some polishing
This will probably be my "daily rider" gastank ...

July 26: Got a used seat and did some tightening. Some wiring done.

August 2: With the right exhaust pipes & footpegs (click to enlarge)

August 12: With a freshly painted tank & logos (click to enlarge)
I know its not the "original" Jacaranda Purple scheme, but it looks nice

Sept 18: With the front end off for a rebuild, awaiting Isabel (click to enlarge)

Oct 7: Front fork picture showing the dings in the right lower leg & seal holder (Click pix)